• 1% Listing Commission
  • Property Evaluation
  • Prepare property for showings
  • Full MLS listing
  • Professional Photography
  • Virtual Tour
  • Marketing to various outlets
  • Feedback from showings
  • Negotiating for maximum selling price
  • I will be there until the moving trucks are gone and beyond

How I Can Save You Money

Scenario: $400,000 Home
Erik at 1% plus 2.5% buyer commission = $14,000  plus $1,820 HST = $15,820
Industry Standard at 2.5% plus 2.5% = $20,000 plus $2,600 HST = $22,600
This example scenario would put $6,780 in your pocket
 by choosing my full service at 1%.
If the buyer is represented by me, or the buyer does not have an agent, in this scenario the total commission would only be $8,000 plus HST. Savings of more than $10,000!




Assuming the "standard commission" on a real estate transaction is 5-6% total, please do the math on working with me and how many thousands of dollars you can save. 

1. I will list your home at 1% on the selling side. (plus commission offered to the buyer brokerage).
2. If I bring the buyer, or a buyer is involved without an agent, it will only be 2-4% total commission. 
3. I will do an agreed upon fixed price on listing your home if that is a better option for the client.
4. I am willing to be creative to get deals done.

I have developed a model of success to obtain the best market price for my selling clients.