Full-Service Listings at 1%

I want to save you money selling your home which is why I do what "other professionals" do for a lower price. I am dedicated to full service real estate and better value that will save you thousands. 

Why can I charge only 1% on listings? 

Volume: I do a lot of business and 3 or 4 listings doesn't make my year. 
My Office Fees: My office is wherever I make it. By being efficient, streamlined, and not paying large fees to a big brokerage, I'm able to pass those savings onto clients.
Advertising/Marketing: I don't do bus stops, hockey arenas, or print ads. Your commission pays for the selling and marketing of your home. My self-promotion is done through client referral and social media. 
It's 2017: The world and technology have changed. If I'm more efficient because of technology, the savings should be passed on to my clients. Realtors may tell you different but doesn't everyone use MLS when looking for homes?

Knowledge is power

Today property owners have more knowledge and understanding of real estate and property values. I respect and understand that. I enhance that knowledge with my professional services, experience and expertise. 

Your Money in your pocket